National Second prize winner


We design a completely circular gamechanger in beverage industry.


We are CupLe, read as Couple. There is a reason for it. We create a new, smart, circular eco-system where single use packaging becomes obsolete. We make a smart machine and a smart bottle (Yes, they work in pair). We create a smart bottle that can be a CUP and a bottLE (CUPLE again!).

And we want to couple business and responsibility of both consumers and producers. We aim to create our bottle mainly of retrieved and recycled plastics and/or metal, we are designing a low-energy consuming, recyclable and modular smart vending machine, and a back-end that will support you to seamlessly take any drink with your bottle. Imagine that your bottle is your wallet, and our machine is your fountain. You approach it, bring bottle near the system, chose your drink, pour as much as you want, and go happy with your drink. When your bottle is broken, you call us, we send you a new one and recycle the old one.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Serbia
  • 3

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  • Milan - CEO. Nenad - CTO. Sway - CDO

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