National Third prize winner


Providing farmers with environmentally friendly solutions to their pest problems.


Did you know that some of the major challenges we face in the world and Africa at large are pest related? Some of these challenges are toxic residue in our food products causing health problems and food shortage. This is where Dach comes in to provide Dane bio pesticide; a product (solution) that not only works on any pest but is also environmentally friendly. Meaning our food produce will be safer to consume and our ecosystem and its biodiversity will be safeguarded. The product is made entirely from environmentally safe ingredients compared to other synthetic pesticides that are harmful in so many ways. Other than that the product is cheaper and upon large scale production it will have a major positive impact on the lucrative agricultural sector.

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Food
  • Kenya

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  • Davies Ateka (Founder) & Charity Kizito (Co - Founder)

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