National Second prize winner

Davaam Life

Mainstreaming product refilling through our Refill Stations to reduce single-use plastic


Davaam Life’s Refill & Dispensing station is an innovative and locally built technology that enables consumers to reuse their packaging and refill everyday consumer products. The model is built around provision of an all-in-one service whereby the machine will be placed, maintained, serviced, and refilled by our company. This creates an alternate distribution channel for FMCGs transitioning from the traditional “shelf-space” to “Machine-Space”. FMCGs save on packaging, distribution, and logistics while consumers are passed on discounts to incentivize them to reuse their existing packaging, refill and just pay for the product. This entire process creates environmental savings by reducing single-use plastic at the source of consumption and improving distribution efficiency.

Quick facts

  • 2022 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Pakistan
  • 15

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  • Salman Tariq (CEO), Omer Ghaznavi (Managing Director/Co/Founder), Muzaina Rehan (Business Development Manager), Ayaz Shah (Technology And R&D Lead), Ibrahim Bashir (Software Lead)

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