Let's stop throwing medicaments carelessly!


Our Project makes possible increase of effectivness of removing overdue medicaments, by modifying existing system, and encouraging people to fulfil their civil duty. Our idea is based on independent studies and is supposed to solve increasing problem of decaying medicaments on waste dumps. The issue is very hot mainly because of great destructive influence of the minor components produced during rotting process of some medicaments.
Both in small towns, and big cities there is lack awareness of proper liquidation overdue drugs. On this account, alarming amount of medicines have been thrown into the waste dumps, and sewage plants. Current system is not good enough to overcome this problem. Thanks to our modifications, we would keep in order environment balance. It is commonly known, that disposing drugs have a negative impact on soil, water, and sewage plant’s efficiency. Because this issue concerns whole community, modifications should be covered by national budget.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Poland

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  • Piotr Rosiak, Gosia Majdzik

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