National Second prize winner

Delft IMP

Highly efficient catalysts for the chemical industry


Over 90 % of all chemical processes use catalysts, for example to transform oil into usable products such as petrol and Lego. Delft IMP has a patented technology to produce highly efficient catalysts, allowing up to 60 % more usable product to be produced from the same amount of oil. We licence our technology to catalysts producers, in return for 15 % of the increased profit. The catalysts producers implement our technology to produce more efficient catalysts, giving them 40 % more turnover, while allowing their customers, the chemical industry, to have more efficient processes.

Our production technique to produce highly efficient catalysts further enables the transition from an oil­based economy to a bio­based economy, and will result in 2.5 to 5 billion Euro in energy savings when implemented for all catalysts worldwide.


This start-up is one of the Top-10 teams in our Grande Finale and won access to Climate-KIC Accelerator. Curious about the pitch during the ClimateLaunchpad European Final 2015? You can watch it here.


  • 2017

    €300k turnover in commercial products, in the past two years

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • The Netherlands

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  • Bart van Limpt - Company & Business Development, Aris Goulas - Application Development, Ruud van Ommen - Technology Expert, Jacob Moulijn - Catalysis Expert

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