DESOLENATOR is a patented technology that harnesses the power of the sun to transform salt water into drinking water. They will represent UK in CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final in Valencia on October 29.



At September 24 the CleanLaunchpad National Final of the UK took place. The Jury announced the three UK finalists of the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final 2014. One of them is DESOLENATOR.


What is DESOLENATOR about?

DESOLENATOR is a patented technology that harnesses the power of the sun to transform salt water into drinking water. 97% of the worlds’ water is saline and with population growth and climate change, water is generally seen as being one of the biggest challenges facing humanity into the future. DESOLENATOR gives families water independence for up to 20 years providing 15 liters of drinking water per day without any requirement to be connected to the grid and no ‘consumable’ or moving parts.


What did the Jury say?

The jury gave some excellent feedback and seemed to understand the transformative potential of DESOLENATOR. They also picked up on some of the challenges on the ground with ‘water’ and how we will need to work closely with partners and stakeholders to ensure that the technology works effectively in communities around the world.”


What’s next for DESOLENATOR?

We are refining our presentation and taking on board the jury’s comments. This is also a critical month in terms of testing the our latest prototype so we will be able to share some of these refinements.”


What are the expectations for the Innovation Festival?

“We are anticipating that it will be a high energy event. We are looking forward to meeting with colleagues from around Europe. Of course we are expecting some strong competition, however at the end of the day we are all ultimately motivated by a common cause and connecting with like minds, whether inventors, academics or businesses is an exciting prospect.

Our dream: we wish to see DESOLENATOR products being used by 1 billion people by 2020.”

– Alexei Levene, on behalf of team DESOLENATOR


More information

– DESOLENATOR website is going through a revamp (due end October), current placeholder is here

– Find out more about DESOLENATOR on iX website here


Quick facts

  • 2014 Participant
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  • UK (London)

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