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A new way to recharge electric cars on highways, while moving.
With a special hitch and autopilot system, it can follow any car having a standard hitch ball.
Duomobile will free electric cars from waiting at stand points.
Duomobile will improve safety : Driver fatigue causes one in five fatal crashes on highways. Sharing drive save lives
The owner will benefit the relaxing comfort of an autopilot car
A co-operative and environmentally friendly transport system, saving energy from the aerodynamic drag by linking vehicles (even non electric).
More electric cars will reach towns with a full battery, reducing towns pollution.
From companies that will provide transport services to one another, to road hauliers and car renting companies, many new jobs will be generated.

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  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • France

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  • Félix Bernier : Inventor And Software Developper, Jean Paul Bernier : Project Manager, Bouaphay Chanthima Bernier : Secretary

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