National First prize winner

E-waste Nepal

Formalizing the Informal e-waste management


E-waste Nepal is a pilot project of Doko Recylers. E-waste is hazardous in nature and if it is handled unprofessionally and unscientifically, the hazardous nature increase by multiple folds. This unprofessional handling is causing toxification of our land, water and air with heavy metals, toxic gas, and poisonous chemicals sipping out of ewaste. If we don’t act now, the condition will be beyond our control and damage to environment will be irreversible. Realizing this, E-waste Nepal born out with Idea to formalize the present deregulated informal e-waste handling system in Nepal as a small step towards saving environment. Though E-waste is new terms for country like Nepal but the volume of e-waste generation which is 25000 tons is enough to show the upcoming crisis to address now.


  • 2019

    Video Award Winner

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  • Circular Economy
  • Nepal
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  • Ashma Basnyat (Chief Strategic Officer), Kushal Harjani (CEO), Pankaj Panjiyar (COO), Raghavendra Mahto (Co-founder), Runit Saria (CFO)

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