National Second prize winner


We make paper pulp acoustic panels that improve sound clarity


Being a musician and a carpenter for more than three decades, in my search for better sound for my home studio I’ve discovered that neither egg cartons nor wood are the best solution. Our product is a paper pulp acoustic panel that can be used as a sound diffuser to fix the echo in a room and improve sound clarity and quality. It spreads sound evenly back in the room, just like photographers use light diffusers on their flashes to avoid hard shadows. Its design is based on existing tried and tested methods. Paper pulp is affordable and it is light enough to be easily installed by just one person. It’s also recycled, recyclable and fully biodegradable.
CO2 emissions are low both in Material production and in Transport, with an estimated 85% savings in CO2 emissions per year.
Our product will help musicians and home studio owners enjoy music for as long as possible and in the future we hope to expand to music schools, public spaces, home entertainment etc.

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Cyprus

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  • Constantinos Evangelides (team Leader) Sophia Kakoulli (partner)

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