Eco³ – Ecocubo®

inhabit nature


Eco³ – Ecocubo® is a design and architecture project aimed for the nature tourism that emerges as a new offer in the attempt to bring the user closer to the natural environment, promoting genuine contact experiences with it.

It´s a cork micro-house, ecological, functionally flexible and sustainable, simple and fast to assemble, adaptable to different types of usages and locations, with the possibility to function independently of the public network through the effective use of the natural resources.
We intend to reflect on the usage of endogenous and ecological materials, which are more characteristic of the region, with a positive impact for the environment, creating a solution that will improve the community, their local activities and economies.

Eco³ – Ecocubo® is a habitable sculpture that invites the user to benefit from a unique experience: to inhabit nature.


Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Land Use, Sustainable Production Systems
  • Portugal

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  • António Fernandes & Filipe Macedo de Brito (Co-founder architects)

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