National First prize winner

Eco Buddy

Changing the environmental awareness and behavior towards the waste through the play.


Our goal is to encourage people to think and get knowledge about the biggest challenge of the 21st century – the Climate change, which is hugely impacted by the waste we create (1/3 of food produced globally is wasted!).

To do this we’re making a fun educational game which is based on the processes of waste creation, our usage habits, environmental impact and recycling options.

Eco Buddy environmental game is meant for educational institutions (age 10+) as well as it’s a great thing to have around in each family.

Eco Buddy is aimed on combining fun with useful information, so the time spent playing is well spent, adding benefit to players’ lives. The game is designed to make positive behavioral shifts on subconscious level. This game can be easily integrated into the schools and adapted in the learning process, enabling teachers freely talk about the waste and create discussions in the class.

Sustainable environment starts with education – the education in a fun way!

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Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Latvia

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  • Kaija - Founder/CEO & Product Development; Toms – CFO; Liga – Project Manager & Sales; Zane – Assistant & Marketing Manager

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