National First prize winner

Eco-Friendly Water Retention Natural Polymer

We are developing Eco-Frienldy Water Retention Natural Polymer by using biodegradable waste.


We are trying to solving the major problem of the agriculture sector as well as the waste management problem. To solve these problems, we designed a natural water-absorbent polymer by using biodegradable waste that can absorb the 150 times of the water than its own weight and can hold absorbed water for a long period of time to maintain the moisture level with the soil. Our designed product is pollution-free, organic in nature, and biodegradable too so it helps improve the soil in an organic way and it will degrade in the soil after 6 months. By using it, 40% of the water will be saved because it absorbs most of the waster and releases this water back to plant/crop whenever required so it reduces the evaporation as well as stops water from getting waste by going too deep. As mentioned, it is organic and made by biodegradable waste so it can also work organic fertilizer. Hence it will reduce the fertilizer requirement by 50% for the crop/soil.


  • 2019

    Carbon Tech Award Winner

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  • 1. Narayan Lal Gurjar - Founder | 2. Puran Singh Rajput - Co-founder | 3. Ankit Jain - Co-founder | 4. Shashi Pratap Singh - Co-founder | 5. Buddhi Prakash - Co-founder | Rishabh Agarwal - Co-founder

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