National First prize winner

Eco Invader Solutions (PTY) Ltd.

Biotechnology company using waste plant material to make water-soluble bioplastics.


What we do
Our company has created a novel bio-plastic that is made out of plant materials, dissolvable in water at pre-determined rates, compostable and biodegrades at faster rates than paper and other bioplastics.

The following are the bioplastics’ properties ;
• UV absorbency capability, Made from waste plant material, Dissolves in water at pre-determined rates depending on the application, for the straws and cutlery applications it takes between 36 hours and 72 hours. Biodegradable at quicker rates as compared to competitors’ (31 days). Compostable without requiring specialized conditions. Acts and looks like Petro-chemically derived plastics, whilst, being price competitive.

We’ll be using a hub and spoke model, where the bioplastic pellets are the hub and the various industries of application are the spokes. We’ll be starting with the food packaging industry by making straws & disposable cutlery.
Other applications include urine & biohazard bags, grocery bags, toys, etc.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • South Africa
  • € 25.7k
  • 2

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  • Tshepo Mangoele CEO & Founder, Nombeko Sikhosana - R&D

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