National First prize winner

Eco Paper

Manufacturing insulation from wasted office paper for households


From a project consisting of collecting wasted office paper from offices of public, private and non-profit entities in the northern Moldova, we intend to launch a micro-factory which will turn the collected wasted office paper into cellulose insulation for private house owners in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce the burden of energy costs by 20-50%for families from Moldova, who currently pay around 20-40% of their total budget for energy. Cellulose insulation is the cheapest means of insulating houses due to abundance and accessibility of raw materials and the fact that there are no remainings in the installation process. Also, it is one of the best sound insulation, it easily insulates inaccessible spots, it is neither offensive nor flammable, there are no loses of heat due to empty spots which are present in the case of other types of insulation, and it is the thinnest.

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  • Moldova

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