Production and sale of eco friendly products with our primary product being Dane bio pesticide.


Did you know that some of the major challenges we face in the world and Africa at large are insect, pest related. Some of these challenges are toxic residues in our food products and food shortages. A good example of this is my country Kenya which has been facing a shortage of maize; our staple food, because the maize that is planted is usually attacked by a pest called fall armyworm. This is where we, as Eco Sawa come in to provide Dane Bio pesticide. A product that will be very significant in the lucrative agricultural sector.


  • 2018

    2nd runners up in the Kenya National Climate Launchpad competition,Nairobi Innovation Week Top 100 2018 Start-ups and Selected to give a speech at the 3rd Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference in Berlin Germany.

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  • Davies Ateka (Founder), Charity Kizito (Co-founder) and Professor Nyamasyo (Advisor)

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