National Third prize winner


A collaborative, decentralized insect farming network for food and feed


EcoDigInsect aims to create a sustainable, delocalized network of insect farmers with its cost-effective, environment-friendly farming modules.

EcoDigInsect is founded upon the use of farming modules embedded with digital 4.0 technologies and enabled for the use on diverse farming territories. The digital connection between each module, when linked to the insect’s own sustainability as a food and fertilizer source, will permit a generation of proteins that is a more sustainable system than other existing models, as well as the creation of a knowledge-sharing insect farming community.

The production units and their following outputs will be decentralized, reproducible, and adaptive based on the territorial requirements and also in the local economic and agricultural scenarios.

The modules offer a dual solution to the end-users: on one side it generates sustainable insect nutrients for the target farms, and on the other side it is sought as a differential source of profits.

Quick facts

  • 2021 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food
  • Italy
  • € 200k

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  • Ivan Albano (CEO) ; Henrique Wills (Technical Director) ; Stefano Magnaghi (R&D Director) ; Fulvio Carli (COO)

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