National First prize winner


Play Away CO2


Millions of people have played a game known as Tamagotchi for hundred millions of hours. The players loved it but it was a meaningless waste of time. We wonder how great it would be to leverage a fraction of this time and put it to a good cause for real life change. This is where “EcoGotchi” comes in. It is a small colorful creature living on your smartphone. Its well-being is dependent on the players’ behavior and gaming skills. Players have to feed it with CO2 which you save by riding trains, buying local or fair trade goods or just by learning interesting facts about sustainability.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Austria

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  • Robert Praxmarer (Founder, CTO) / Thomas Layer-Wagner (Founder, CEO, CFO) / Michael Kager (Developer) / Daniel Satanik (Developer) / Hannes Moser (Developer)

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