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What gets measured gets improved.


We have developed an open-source algorithm called Green-Ranking ®: with a digital assessment we calculate from 0 to 100 how sustainable a European SME (micro, small and medium business) is, by measuring and dynamically combining 10 different dimensions of social, economical and environmental sustainability.

After a company gets scored, our algorithm automatically generates a fully personalized and smart report on how to improve by highlighting vulnerabilities, showing short, middle and long term actions, tips and do it yourself how-tos. It’s a reliable source of information connected with official Eurostat DB so you can finally compare against other companies in your industry field.

Companies can: increase revenues, reduce costs, comply with government laws and EU 2020 regulations, hire better people, connect with better partners. create social impact, attract new investors, access to European funding, alignment with UN 2030 Agenda, attract new customers, sell more, increase brand reputation and avoid business risks.

Ecomate goes beyond certifications. Certifications are a static photo of a company, and require a dedicated consultant. Instead, thanks to an all new digital approach, it is possible to always be in line with the regulatory, economic and scientific context in a very short period of time and without the need of any human support.

Our algorithm solves this problem. You may call it artificial intelligence, we simply call it Ecomate.

The only algorithm that allows any SME to perform a 360° sustainability evaluation in less than 2 hours.

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  • Alan Gallicchio (Founder), Emil von Abranyi (Business Developer), Francesco Arciuli (Product Developer)

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