National Second prize winner


Chemical-free food produced from solar aquaponic systems using 90% less water


We produce intelligent, conscious and healthy food for the body, mind and soul, we’re disrupting a world where traditional agriculture uses additives, chemical preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers and genetic modifications.
We were born as a INTEGRAL provider that Offer direct Access to healthy and nutritional food, prioritizing sustainability by combating water use, energy consumption, and agricultural runoff, as supplier that can guarantee food at any time of the year, without depending on the weather or location, thanks to our technology. As well as providing the tools that will show the final consumer the importance of organic farming, and how this contributes to their health and environment. A complete ecological experience.
And finally, because of our clean-tech, we are able to produce organic food at more affordable prices. AND WHY DID WE ACHIEVE THIS? Because we completely cancel 72% of the costs of traditional agriculture, especially those related to agrochemical use.

Quick facts

  • 2022 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Colombia
  • € 5k
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  • Sebastian Sanabria (Biologist Founder Hydric Resources Magister), Thomas Villada (Marketing), Johanna Jiménez (Sales Mananger)

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