Write,scan,erase.Reusable eco friendly notebook.

Ecopad is aimed to reduce the consumption of paper in an office environment and daily use.Using microwave technology, Ecopad paper can be reused several times, in contrast to traditional methods of disposal and recycling. By using the Ecopad application, users can save their information digitally and have access to the storage from their smartphones and computers on demand. The information can be safely stored in multiple platforms of choice (i.e. Gmail, Dropbox, etc.) allowing the user to revise it anytime. Even nowadays, notepads are the primary tool for notetaking in many industries. The list of customers is vast, but the our target consumers are from office environments, banks and universities.

  • EcoPad

  • Gor Rustamyan – Product Manager Laura Orlova – Designer Lilit Paronikyan – Project Manager
National Second prize winner

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