National First prize winner

EcoReco & Bin Team

Solution for a better and funnier recycling based on Eco Superheroes!


EcoReco & BinTeam are fictional superheroes which will educate children and adults (in a entertaining way) with the RE-s principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle etc.) and why this is important for them. Creating the characters and making them easy memorable and recognisable (world brands) can lead to many social and financial benefits.
The social benefits: Kids and adults are explained about the RE-s principles and why this is important for them. Kids can associate themselves with the main character (EcoReco) and sorting their waste can become a funny activity for them.
The financial benefits: There are many products that can be produced based on the EcoReco & BinTeam like comics, books for children, coloring books, animated cartoons, mobile apps, TV show, toys, games, funny waste bins and city furniture, recycling guides for waste collecting companies, governments and city councils etc.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Moldova

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