ECOS 2030

We are making boards from recycling multi-layer plastic and paper packaging waste (ex. Tetra Pak)


We are aiming at Producing composite/ laminated boards. In fact, no one in Egypt is interested in recycling Tetra Pak materials, because the traditional method for this includes separating materials from each other and then recycle each separately, and the separation technology (plasma) itself is very expensive. We are going to use a relatively cheap technology to recycle theses material by producing composite boards, which is a complete solution, where waste is recycled as it is without separation & cleaning. Thus, it is not generating any production waste during the process. The process can be setup on small footprint requiring limited resources to set u the plant & process. Throughout the process, there is zero water effluent, zero solid waste out throw & Zero Gas Emission. Moreover, the end-product Composite Board is utilized to replace wood & wood-based panel products, thereby saving precious trees from cutting. We expect to generate sales of 2,400,000 LE annually.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Mohamed Fouad (CEO), Ahmed Fathy (COO), Mahmoud Alaa (Production Manager)

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