In-advance Vehicle Diagnosis


EffDrive sells remote diagnostic information to car maintenance garages enabling them
to streamline their service operations and thus improve throughput by 25%.

Through our the intelligent cloud platform, EffDrive analyzes the car data, collected 24/7,
and provides diagnostics, recommendations and notifications to both the driver
and her service garage. On one hand, the garage manager can optimize its service
throughput by knowing in advance the exact procedures that need to be followed for each incoming vehicle. This allows for better time scheduling which minimizes workforce idle time.
On the other hand, the provided recommendations and notifications allow proactive actions from the garage for preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance can degrease the CO2 emissions by up to 40%, while it can also increase fuel efficiency by 10%.

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  • Cyprus

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  • Hariton Efstathiades (Smart Home Sensors/Social Network Analysis - Ph.D. Candidate Computer Science), Nicholas Loulloudes (Vehicular Networks - Ph.D. Computer Science) And Demetris Antoniades (Computer And Social Network Analytics - Ph.D. Computer Science)

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