Energetic Manure

To use a special machine to get energy from waste


With the help of collective tubes , we gather waste from houses to the inlet which brings the waste to the anaerobic digester. Here waste is being recycled by special methanogenic bacteria which only work in anaerobic environment, in absence of oxygen. The output of this reaction gives a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide which is called biogas which could be used to supply houses with thermal energy and electricity.
However, the leftover sludge is, the recycled waste, is sent to the tank to be used as fertilizers.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Azerbaijan

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  • Esmer Alikhanli - Founder And Team Leader. Hasan Hasanov Biologist . Anar Namazov Chemist. Emin Alikhanov Sales Manager

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