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Fuel economy spark plug ignition enhancing system


Fuel economy spark plug ignition enhancing system.

Ignition sparks it is an ionized channel generated by a conventional ignition coil.

It is low in energy due to high resistance of the the secondary ignition coil, high voltage and low amperage discharge.

Additional spark generated by my electronic circuit, consists of a high amperage and low voltage discharge

It decrease ignition and burning fuel time which leads to a very low NOx, CO2 and CO emission

Fuel economy may decrease to 30-40% depending on driving style

Engine power, torque, acceleration increases significantly

It is a working device suitable to low computerized vehicles, as Dacia Logan, 1.4 L and 1.6 L

Due to 10 previous manufacturing years at Autoturisme Dacia-Renault Romania, and at a 100 euro price, 1500000 potential vehicles owners my product will be very profitable one

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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Romania

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  • Vlad Madalin

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