National Third prize winner

Energy from your Balcony

Cheap and clean private electricity-supply-addition from urban balconies


Our mission is to reduce the private energy bill, as well as to reduce the need for energy-transportation, along with a reduction of CO2 (and nuklear power) up to 30%, by making use of unused urban space for harvesting sun-electricity.
From your balcony into the grid of your flat, for own consumption. Our social, smart and small system „ERNIE“ earns energy from an up to 5 m2 thin-film-flexible-lightweight CIGS solar-module all around the balcony. Cheap, robust, uses your smartphone as cost-free-hardware display. ERNIE can be self-installed and uninstalled, just in case you have to move. No subvention needed – just hang on, plug-in and see for yourself on your smartphone, how much energy ERNIE earns for you every day.
ERNIE supplies just the right amount of free-balcony-electricity, or keeps it for later in his accumulator. Applicable on balconies in cities worldwide.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Switzerland

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  • Guntram Henze Founder

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