Converts your motion into electric power and monitors health & activity


Enerino – small personal device (wearable) converts motion into electric power. It has 3 features: power bank, health monitoring, fitness motivator. MVP available. EASY TO USE, just take with you. Device supported by mobile app, web service and in future avatar, beacons, wireless energy transfer.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Poland

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  • 1. Pawel Rochala - Role: Founder, Management, Sales; 2. Jakub Orczyk - Role: R & D, Technology (software, Web), Sales ; 3. Dr. Janusz Rogula - Role: R & D, Technology (software, Web), The Supervision Of The Technical Team; 4. Marcin Maszalek - Role: Finance, Grants, Administration; 5-8 Technical Team - Mateusz Lyszelko (leader), Maciek Kuklewski, Rafal Sztander, Anna Adamczyk.
  • www.enerino.com

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