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One of the biggest problems of the companies is that they spend huge amount of Money on their energy costs and for investments to reduce this cost. As EnerSave, we assist the companies whose energy cost gives them pain. What we do is we go to the client side, collect all their energy big data (electricity, oil, fuel, coal , gas etc.) and run an analysis on those data. Afterwards, we draw the As-Is Picture of the client, later build different algorithms and management tools to reduce their energy costs. With the client we pick the best solution and implement the solution with the client. Why the companies choose us ? Here is the answer, we do not ask for an initial investment cost, we share their savings, which means they do not pay us until they see the benefit. We do not ask them to invest huge amount of Money on machines. but we show them it is possible to reduce cost by focusing.

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  • Icten Eraybat-Project Manager, Ezgi Poyraz-BDD, Ertan Ozel-ProjectManager, Pınar Sardar-PR And Technical

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