National First prize winner

Engineering Solutions Laboratories, Institute Of Applied Problems Of Physics Of NAS RA

“ArMagicMixture” – quick, cheap and more climate-friendly production of construction ceramics.


We offer “ArMagicMixture” construction binding agent to the companies, producing clay bricks and tiles at a price of 2 euros per liter.
Firing is the main and most costly process during the clay bricks production. Compared to the traditional way, the application of ArMagic Mixture provides a number of advantages, including:
– Decrease in energy consumption by 5 times due to decrease of temperature and time of firing: from 12-16 hours at 1200-14000C to 3 hours at 3000C,
– Amount of scrap or waste is almost ZERO,
– Low quality, much cheaper clay is used,
– Productivity increases by 10 times,
– Profitability increases by 30%.
– The customer may get bricks and tiles of any color, shape, weight, conductivity, ensuring water, heat and fire resistance.
The shortened firing process and temperature will also have a considerable impact on the CO2 emission into the atmosphere – only with our beachhead market we save 406 tons of CO2 in the 3rd year.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Armenia
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  • Margarit Baburyan, Business Administration&Development; Samvel Mkhitaryan, Team Leader/Head Of Finances; Goharik Asatryan, Technology And R&D; Karlen Avetisyan, Head Of Production

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