Insects for feed, your future need!


BY-entO is a business idea created by Francesco. He decided to develop a team involving five other professionals with different skills.
BY-entO wants to revolutionize the animal feed market in a sustainable way, through the technological innovation in breeding and transformation of insects.
Insects can be an interesting source of proteins in a world where people are rising and food will not be enough for all.
BY-entO will start its activity producing dried larvae of Tenebrio molitor which represents a complete nutrition for pets, offering a natural and healthy feed.
The interesting business idea of BY-entO is to valorize bio-waste of agri-business growing insects and enhancing the manure as fertilizer for plants.
Using insects for feed could be a fantastic alternative to reduce the environmental impact of protein production, through the rapid life cycle, high feed-convers.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Italy

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  • President:Francesco Meles-Post-graduated Student Of Animal Production;Chief Economist: Irina Vetere-Marketing & Investment;Legal Representative:Donato Lo Re-PhS In Labour Law;R&D:Maria Cristina Reguzzi-Agronomist;R&D:Claudia Sotgia-Entomologist;R&D:Stefano Filios-Material Engineer

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