National First prize winner

Epishine AB

Affordable solar energy everywhere


We represent an innovation with the potential to improve the life for 1.2 billion people and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

People living in rural and remote areas are often paying the highest energy prices and their current solutions are both health damaging and bad for the environment. We offer a clean alternative they can afford – exchangeable Solar Sheets combined with a charging device to power lights, radio and charge mobile phones. The Solar Sheets are renewable organic solar cell based on cheap and environmentally friendly raw materials, produced in a cost efficient printing process.

By offering exchangeable solar sheets with a limited life-time we could severely reduce the cost normally associated with solar cells and break through the mechanisms of day-to-day economies that lock poor people in more expensive and environmentally unfriendly solutions.

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  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Sweden

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  • Mattias Josephson CEO, Jonas Karles Sales, Emma Woxlin Marketing, Jonas Bergquist CTO, Anders Elfwing CPO, Olle Inganäs Scientific leader

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