National Second prize winner

FarmAgg Sri Lanka

Data Driven Sustainable Agriculture Tailored For Smallholders


In our view, Smallholder farmers and the primary processing units that engage them are the most vital pillar for food supply chains and food security in Sri Lanka (and other emerging markets). However, they do not get a fair value of the final retail prices of the products they create.

The key objective of our platform is to digitize farmer’s information and land records to create one digital identity and footprint so that such farmers can obtain better services from various parties engaged in the agriculture value chain.

We aim to create a channel for farmers to digitally access market linkages and financial services and thereby promote access to growth capital. One use case we are working on right now is to develop a risk transfer mechanism to address risks associated with extreme weather events caused by climate change.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
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  • Food
  • Sri Lanka
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  • Thilan Kiridena (CEO), Tharanga Premathilake (Engineering), Jeewani Ranaweera (Administration), Dilusha Aluwihare (International Marketing)

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