National First prize winner

Femme International

Reducing the financial and environmental impact of menstruation.


Menstruation is expensive, entailing regular monthly purchase of disposable products for an average of 33 years. The most popular product is single use disposable pads that contain 90% plastic, 60% of which ends up in landfills or is burnt, harming the environment.
Women in rural East Africa spend about $2.50/month on disposable menstrual products, the cost of 3Kg maize flour, 4L milk or 5 loaves of bread, leaving them in a food vs menstruation dilemma that we find highly unreasonable.
Our deal is providing access to reusable menstrual products to the last mile through Twende ambassadors, who also deliver menstrual health training. Switching to reusable products reduces the cost of menstruation by over 83%, reduces carbon emissions by over 96%, and at $3/pack of reusable pads lasting 1 year, generates a profit of $140,000 within the first year.
Twende reduces the undue financial and environmental burden of menstruation that women bear.
It’s not rocket science, it’s a period.

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  • Flo Akara (director), Jen Rubli (Research And M&E Coordinator), Miranda Mayo (Financial Consultant), Liz McNeil (Sales Consultant)

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