National Second prize winner


Revolutionary building solutions


Feniks is founded by five enthusiast entrepreneurs from Ghent, Belgium. The start-up is situated at the end of the ideation phase whereas the first prototype is being developed. Nowadays the building sector is characterized by a deficit of materials and production processes that fit in a circular economy and the demand is climbing fast. Therefor Feniks wants to be a major part of the foundation of the changing of the building sector into a circular economy. Together with one of Europe’s most prestigious universities, the University of Ghent, we developed a composite that will be used in a wide range of building activities. By combining two gigantic industrial waste streams into a new revolutionary competitive building product. Today the lion’s share of external walls are built at a minimum of three layers. Feniks will replace the outer wall and the isolation in one layer. thereby we will be 20% thinner, lighter, lots cheaper and faster, re-recycable and revolutionary greener.

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Belgium

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  • Rhijn Quinze Van Collie: Marketing Vincent Van Elewijck: Sales And Communication Michiel Vuye: Product Developper Raphaël Verhofstede: Operations Floris De Wolf: Logistics

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