All your organic waste can go in. Simple and easy Indoor Composter. No bad smell, no dirty


30% of our rest bin still contains organic waste? What if we can bring it back into a biological cycle to reduce the climate impact.
It is widely common in Japan to ferment its organic waste at home in a container called Bokashi. The container is not easy to handle because it requires lots of manual work.
Fermentaya is Bokashi 2.0.
Collecting organic waste at home is now easy. There is no smell and it is not disgusting. All your organic material can go in – there are no exceptions.
The handling is convenient, and it is designed as a continuous process. The dosing of the microorganism, the compression of the organic waste and the automatic drain of the fermentation juice into a bottle. It comes with an idiot-proof design so that there is no knowledge and patience needed from the costumer to make it work.
There is less work needed to turn fermentaya waste into a premium humus, as for conventional organic waste.
The rest bin is reduced as it can be liberated by all organic waste.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Switzerland

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  • Nathalie Fickenscher-Carbonnelle Founder&Engineering; Benno Kühn: Graphics & Design; Lin Shinhing: Marketing Advisor; Tomoko Mizuno: Japan Sales & Buisness Development
  • www.fermentaya.com

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