Festera is an indoor composter that turns biowaste into fertilizer.


In Estonia only ⅕ of biowaste is being sorted. Most of biowaste is being burned or put into landfills. This causes dangerous emission of greenhouse gases.
Our solution is a biobox – trash can that decomposes biowaste at homes. A complicated product, a simple idea. The food waste goes in, humus comes out – 10 times quicker than common composting. Fresh humus, the final product, can be used as a fertilizer. No smell, no flies and the nordic designed biobox only needs to be emptied once in every 2 months. Sustainability and nordic design make us unique among competitors. Festera has grown out of Europe’s best student company in 2017.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Food
  • Estonia

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  • Joonatan Oras - CEO, Kevin Reisenbuk - Project Manager, Sandra Võsaste - CFO, Sven-Erik Kalberg - CTO, Madis Vodja - Sales, Marketing
  • festera.ee

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