Fire Fence

Let's save our Forests


Wildfires are potentially one of the most challenging disasters to control, depending on various conditions.

It is calculated that global wildfires are responsible for affecting 3 to 4 million square kilometres of vegetation annually.

Fire Fence aims to provide a revolutionary tool that will assist in fire prevention, detection and suppression. With the use of strategically positioned Infrared sensors, and centrally located command centres, a stream of data will be analysed in order to identify potential risk zones and alarm the relevant authorities. By continuously gathering temperature data from the sensors during the fires, behavioural patterns can be provided to strategically assist in the placement of fire brigade units, reducing the potential damage caused by limiting the affected area

Fire Fence aims to be the first internationally accepted fire suppression tool.

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  • Andreas Angeli, George Christou, Konstantinos Papakostas, Vasilios Kaoullas

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