Fisherman’s assistant

App to save a fish by fishing


Fisherman’s assistant (FA) is an easy and cost efficient tool for monitoring of lakes and rivers that are most popular among the fishermen. The main feature of FA app is ability to recognise size and species of fish just from picture you take with your smartphone. This recognition function could be very useful for an inexperienced fisher, whereas further functions of the app allow gaining more users among professional and hobby fishermen by functioning as a sales channel for licences and bathymetry maps as well as providing legal information.

Another important feature is the data base built on the basis of information provided by the users, which is used to generate statistics about changes in quantity and size of fish in the respective water bodies. This data serves as an early warning system allowing to spot changes and stop overfishing, thus avoiding damaging of the ecosystem.

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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Latvia

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  • Evelina Puzo (biology expert), Janis Dumpis (fisherman, geography expert ), Kaspars Chabs (Project author, computer vision expert)

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