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Farm the future with world’s most sustainable plant protein


Our mission is to reduce carbon emission from protein production by sustainable production of plant protein biomass. Our Floatfarm, which is the product, is optimized with AI, microbes, and water reclamation technology where in vertical trays we will grow duckweed Wolffia, an aquatic plant that contains 40% protein and high vitamin B12. These Floatfarms will be situated right next to the plant-based food and meat manufacturing companies, which is our beachhead market. A yearly subscription will give the businesses the Floatfarm, the growth media and tech support. The companies will enjoy a 2X production cost reduction and 1.3X market size increase and generate $25,000 revenue per Floatfarm, all while reducing 10X land, water and GHG emission from per tons of protein produced. As the plant based diet is spreading all over the world, can reduce 5% of animal protein consumption and reduce 25 Mega Ton carbon emission in 15 years.

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  • 2021 Participant
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  • Food
  • Japan

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  • Sajjad Kamal- Founder And CEO, Helmano- CTO, Moana -CMO, Sangeetha, Radovan, Sudo

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