Harness unused energy and reduce co2 emission.


Our goal is to develop and harvest energy in the form of electricity from excess pressure in water delivery pipes.
In many cases distributing the water to the user causes overpressure in the water pipes. When the pressure gets high, mechanical equipments called ‘pressure reducers’ must be installed. This overpressure is actually hydropower which is discarded. In many cases, 60% – 80% of the waters’ energy is simply thrown away.

By putting specialised water-turbines instead of pressure reducers we will both reduce the water pressure and produce electricity at the same time. When using turbines instead of pressure reducers we can produce green sustainable energy and reduce a huge amount of CO2 emission. We plan to sell our product to municipalities, water suppliers, power companies and largescale water users.

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  • Jón Valur Jónsson Project Manager/designer. Hlynur Axelsson Project Manager/designer. Jónína Helen Jónsdóttir. Head Of Sales And Marketing.

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