National Third prize winner

FluoriSense – Monitoring The Ocean’s Health

Tackling climate change as a global effort using smart molecules


Climate change is having a detrimental effect on the oceans, its inhabitants and all the people dependent on it. The FluoriSense kit is a concept based on a multi-input sensing device for monitoring the oceans’ health in a simple, affordable and accurate way. The kits consist of vials containing smart molecules designed and synthesised in our laboratory. The smart molecules chemically interact with key conditions present in water samples such as the acidity and oxidisability. This interaction is communicated by a light signals given off by the smart molecules, which can be detected by a smartphone camera and analysed using a dedicated mobile app. Furthermore, an online global network will be set-up to share information gathered from around the world by test kit users. Our vision is to tackle climate change as a global effort by including researchers, policymakers and the general public.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Malta

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  • David C. Magri (Group Leader And Technical Advisor), Jake Spiteri (R&D, Management) And Alex Johnson (R&D, Management).

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