Multifunctional Eco Energy Module System


Wind. Water. Fire. Soil. Sunlight. Gifts from the Universe, for us, humanity. Energy Tree transform all forces of Nature, to your needs. Imagine your own Energy Tree back yard of your house, office, park or bivouac. New type of wind rotor generator and hi-efficiency solar panels produces electricity more than you need. Energy Tree collect rain water, and make water warm for you. Biogas and vermiculture module if you need it can be a part of your Energy Tree system. Because only you know what you need. This why you should to build your own Tree, by ordering modules that contribute with your place nature conditions. Make a choose from 9 different modules, download application, build your Energy Tree with your friends because its easy, and take gifts from the nature, save the planet and be free, by Free Energy Tree.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Land Use, Sustainable Production Systems, Urban Transitions
  • Moldova

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  • Alexander Garabajiu - founder, Lepilova Anastasia- manager, Lepilov Ilian - programmer, Ksenia Golovitskaya - ecologist, Alina Okuneva - architect

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