National Second prize winner


Get notified about discounts on excess food from restaurants nearby.


Freshy is a cloud + mobile platform, which is intended to solve the food waste problem, which makes up over 50% of total waste. Out of those, 23% is ready-made food which could have been eaten, but was thrown away due to “made fresh daily” policy. Freshy allows businesses to sell pre-cooked food instead of throwing it away, while customers will benefit from discounts on food and help environmental sustainability. Offers are to be of last-minute nature and can be fully controlled by the business that posted it. Users are to receive push notifications based on their location and personal food preferences. If one is interested in buying a meal on offer, he can do that with a single tap within the app, finally, user will need to walk into the restaurant or cafeteria and collect his purchase by presenting 4-digit code.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Malta

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  • Anatoliy Gatt (CEO), Gleb Eliseev (COO), Valeria Lobanova (CFO), Svetlana Mitrakhovich (CMO)

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