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Locally produced biofertilizer and soil conditioner from animal waste


Designed with circular agriculture in mind, Gellit is a novel organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. We offer farmers who keep animals and grow crops as animal feed a new approach of treating their animal waste. We want to sell farmers an infrastructure, a kind of small factory to produce Gellit for themselves in a razor and blade business model. We don’t have any profit on the infrastructure, but we sell the added value ingredient, our biodegradable polymer blend, which is our main source of profit. This way they can transform their waste streams into a more optimized slow-release biofertiliser that also improves the soil’s water holding capacity. . By employing Gellit up to 2000 L/water can be saved each hectare per irrigation event. Furthermore by transforming animal waste into Gellit, it becomes storable and transportable. Our technology is designed to work in tandem with Biogas plants too, where the remaining solid digestate is also a viable nutrient source.

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