National First prize winner


Making air-conditioning affordable and sustainable through innovative ground source technology


With global-warming and population growth, air-conditioning (AC) demand is expected to triple by 2030. Consider the plight of 3.5 billion people living in hot developing countries that need air-conditioning, but can’t afford it. Further, ACs are the biggest building GHGs contributor, accounting for 34% of total GHG emissions. There is a dire need to find sustainable means of mitigating & adapting to a hotter climate. GeoAirCon is an innovative & cost-effective solution for providing air-conditioning to the masses. With GeoAirCon, the cooler underground is effectively utilized for cooling through specially designed heat exchangers. This is immensely effective in providing thermal and financial relief while reducing environmental impact. By cutting down on running energy bills and resultant GHGs emissions by upto 45%, GeoAirCon reduces associated carbon footprint and climate impact; whilst making ACs more efficient and affordable for housing and other buildings.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Pakistan
  • € 1.5k
  • € 8.5k
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  • Muhammad Hassamuddin - COO; Abdul Wahab Safdar - CTO; Faiza Zafar - Business Developer; Prof. Dr. Ali Rizwan - Mentor

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