Gkwatertec develops and sells technological solutions to save water


Water is an essential but lacking resource. There are many initiatives towards saving water such as the consumer-payer concept and the rising of the price of water. Many technologies are developed every day but none acts directly in the consumer. This problem aggravates in public bathing facilities such as gyms, pools and Hotels. GKwatertec sells a water management systems to public bathing facilities. This system is capable to identify the users, monitor the consumptions in real-time and limit the bathing time to predefined time. This solution will save water and water-related energy (used to heat the water) and save money to our clients as well as make people aware to their responsibility towards saving water in their daily actions.

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  • Luís Kuski (CEO, CFO), Pedro Moura (CTO,COO), Fábio Sá (Chief of informatics), Eduardo Maia (Eletronics operator), Rui Olivera (Marketing/Sales), João Vieira (Mechanical operator), João Antunes (Mechanical operator)

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