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Global Forest Bond

Financial solutions to integrate ecossystem services to the economy


Deforestation is responsible for around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Global Forest Bond developed a financial solution for landowners who have preserved forests to be payed by the environmental services provided in those areas, such as carbon capture and storage, water production, biodiversity protection, and many others.

We use traditional Brazilian agrobusiness financial tools, such as Agribusiness Receivables Certificate (CRA), making it possible for investors and companies to acquire the rights over the environmental services in the São Paulo stock exchange (B3). This greatly reduces the transaction costs and increases trust.

Our certificates are issued yearly, for the environmental services provided in the year before. This takes performance risk out of the picture and equates the preservation of forests to other agricultural activities: landowners have a financial incentive to mantain forests to receive for the services they provided.

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  • Eduardo Marson Ferreira, Senior Partner, Responsible For Strategy And Governance; Wilson Tomanik, Senior Partner Responsible For Operations And Methodology; Artur Ferreira, Senior Partner Responsible For Marketing.
  • www.gfbond.com.br/

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