Use of soil microorganisms to enhance crop production


Glomus proposes the use of indigenous arbuscular mychorrizal to enhance crop production while reducing the expenses in fertilizers, pesticides and water.

By using indigenous arbuscular mychorrizal we anable farmers and society to save money, but also to:
– reduce the consumption of water
– reduce the consumption of pesticides
– reduce the consumption of fertilizers
– increase the performances of crops
– reduce the negative impacts of every kind of farming

Working in the field of agriculture is more difficult from one year to the next, due to the high costs of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides and the low prices paid to the producers for their goods. In certain regions, water is very limited by the circumstances of that year’s rain season. For those reasons, the number of people working on the crop fields is decreasing every year.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Spain

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  • Alberto Guillen- Predoctoral Student Researcher In Arbuscular Mychorrizal; Isabel Mendoza- PhD In Biotechnology, Master In Business Innovation Management

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