National First prize winner


Tackling the protein dilemma.


We are driven by a growing global protein deficit and food shortage. This deficit will reach 60 million tons annually by 2030. We are concerned how conventional food production is connected with the destruction of our planet and we are driven by the fact that most of Kosovo’s products are imported and export is still small. Protein from insects creates exciting opportunities as one answer to these needs. Just recently the EU approved the yellow mealworm as human food. This opens a new and large market. Reason enough to start GoBeyond!

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  • 2021 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food
  • Kosovo
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  • Rita Kuci (experimenting & Researching Intern), Urtina Mehmeti & Egzona Lami (farming Researchers), Josa Klapp (team Mother), Samadar Rafat (sales Kosovo), Tim Zander (sales Germany), Petrit Beqiri (advisor), Karsten Klapp (founder)

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