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THE PROBLEM: There are products marketed as “green” in most UK consumer segments, but some products are much greener than others. The companies providing the environmentally superior offerings struggle to get this message to consumers.

OUR SOLUTION: A green product star rating system (like DEFAQTO in the UK Insurance market). We will become a trusted, independent, household name in providing green consumer advice.

WHY NOW: There has been a large (and continuing) shift in consumer sentiment in the past 18 months. Many consumers now want to be sure they are making the right purchasing decisions for the environment, but there are no independent experts focussed on helping them make those decisions.

FIRST STEPS: We will focus on the UK energy switching sector first – our analysis shows that there are 65 consumer energy companies, of which 32 are marketed as “green”, of which 5 are greener than the rest. Consumers want this information.

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  • Dominic Lavelle - Managing Director. Andrew Downie - Operations Director

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